Japanese prints of the XVIII –XIX century from the collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts






ISODA Koryusai / 磯田湖龍齋

Life dates:

Active c. 1766-1788


The early Edo period


Edo (Tokyo)

Ukiyo-e painter, printmaker, illustrator. Born a samurai in the service of the lord of Tsuchiya. Relinquished his rank to become an ukiyo-e artist; moved to Edo. Perhaps a pupil of Nishimura Shigenaga, but much influenced by Harunobu’s technique, and as a few early prints exist signed Haruhiro, more apt to have been a pupil of Harunobu. It also seems the name Koryusai was given him by Harunobu, when he no longer used it himself. In 1781 given honorary  rank of hokkyo. His output of prints and book illustrations enormous. In 1770 designed his well-known set Models of Fashion. Excellent kachoga (which are much sought after), bijinga, and particularly hashira-e. His work marked by the use of a strong orange color; his figures iess unworldly than Harunobu’s. It is believed that after 1780 devoted  himself entirely to painting, in which he worked considerable freedom of line and under a noticeable Kano influence.

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